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June 3, 2022



      Notice, how: when your phone rings, you answer it, you respond; when there is a knock, upon your door, you answer it, you respond; when someone, you care about, calls you, from another room, you answer, you respond.  You respond to bells ringing, and buzzers going-off, or you ignore them, completely, because you have chosen to do so.  The most compelling call, will come, from within, a still, small voice, stirring you, whispering, “begin.”  The calls, that come to you, from within, are the most important calls, because they are calls, beckoning you to rise-up, and do that, which you are meant to do.  And you can either answer, and respond, or ignore the call, because you choose to do so.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       In the physical, material world, around you, there are signs, and signals, every day.  You are so comfortable, with these signs, and signals, and calls, and bells, and whistles, that you are really not aware of your response time.  A buzzer goes-off, a timer goes-off, bells are ringing, and you respond, usually.  Today, listen, to what is calling, to you, from within.  Harken, to the whisper, from within.  Pay attention.  You are receiving direction, constantly, through the day.  You can either answer, and respond, or ignore it, and turn away.