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June 4, 2022



      If you have been building a wall, to protect yourself from that, which you fear, tear down the wall.  If you have been putting distance, between yourself, and that, which you fear, draw nearer.  If you have been hiding, to avoid, dealing with, or associating with, that, which you fear, come out of the shadows.  There is no need for you: to build a wall, to protect yourself; to put distance between yourself, and that, which you fear; or, to hide.  I have told you, I will protect you.  But there comes a time, when you must face that, which you fear, and with My help, stand there, and watch it disappear: because, no fear can stand in My light; because, My love will illuminate the fear, so you might see every crack, and crevice, and corner, and find, in doing so, that the fear was never as big as it did appear.  And so, it melts, and goes away, and you are free, to live another day, upon the Earth.

The Holy Spirit says:

       That, which you fear, has a grip upon your spiritual growth, and often mars your physical wellbeing.  It you sit, with the fear, and talk about the fear, it is as if you have a limp balloon; and with each word, uttered by you, about how you are so afraid, of this, or that, or the other, it is blowing air, into the limp balloon, until it gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger.  And then, with one more exhalation of your breath, into the balloon, it bursts.  And all the fear, that was put into that balloon, scatters, and falls, like rain, upon you.  And it begins, again.  Look, and see, and know, you are a child of God.  When you are connected, with God, God, who is love, fear will fall from you.  But first, you must stand up, and say, to fear, “I know who you are.  God is with me.  Depart from me, now.”  Free yourself.  Go hand in hand, with God, and face whatever mountain of fear is blocking your forward progress.