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June 5, 2022



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you no matter where you are.  If there has been upheaval, I AM with you.  If all things are stationary, I AM with you.  I AM with you, at the mountaintop.  I AM with you, at the sea.  I AM with you, so you know, I will always be with thee.  Call Me, ask, question, and then, let it be.  For, silently, quietly, you will begin to know, and see, and understand.        


        “There will come a time, to each one of you, when your memory takes you back, through a corridor, or a path, to revisit a time, of the past, to see, what you need to see, to know, what you need to know, to recognize, that for you to grow, spiritually, you must correct, you must change your perspective, of that particular situation.  Look at it, and see what happens, when you do revisit something, that has not been closed, fully, to a time, when there was: apology required, but never given; forgiveness required, but never offered.  This is why it still remains, in your mind, and in your thoughts, popping-up, occasionally, so you might tend to it, and make the necessary adjustments, so that the situation becomes a valuable lesson, an experience worth living.

        “This is something we can address, easily, because it happens to each one of you.  And there is a ‘quick fix,’ I believe is the term, used in your time, right now.  And it is a ‘quick fix.’  If there is apology, that should be coming, from you, take care of it.  Apologize.  And, even if you cannot master the energy enough to do it, face to face, you can pick up a pen, or you can use the typing, to begin; but you can get that statement to whomever has been waiting, hoping, that the apology would be the end, of an unpleasant situation.  The moment it is done, the very moment the words leave your lips, or the letter is put in the post, your breath will be deeper, and your life will be brighter, because you have completed that cycle of that experience, and you have done so in honor, and grace of God.  If it is forgiveness, that is the loose thread, you do not have to wait, for someone to come to you to apologize, so that you might forgive.  Forgive anyway, from your heart.  And this does not have to be done in person.  The forgiveness does not have to be written.  Sometimes, the most difficult forgiveness to give, is when the other party does not believe they did anything to require forgiveness.  So, to speak those words, or to write those words, sometimes, would bring an unpleasant tone to the present.  So, you take it to a higher level.  You forgive, from your heart, and you let it move through you, and send it out, with intention, to whomever needs the forgiveness, from you, be it known, or unknown.

        “What I AM saying to you, today, is, when a situation happens, and you walk through the experience, but something is left undone, it is up to you, to pull each thread through, until it is beautifully woven, in the light of the sun; because the light of the sun will warm your face.  And all through the day, and into the night, you will know, without hesitation, you completed the situation, and it is now right.  Do not fold your arms, over your chest, dig your heels in, and say, ‘I did my best.  Now, it is up to them.’  Because, what is going on, within you, is never up to someone else, no matter that someone else might do.  The completion, of the experience, as you know it, is yours to do.

        “Once you have done it, and you feel victorious, knowing it is all right, you become eager to find another situation, which requires closure, because with each step forward, with each opened heart, with each willingness to do that, which is left to do, you feel lighter, and brighter.  You look at the situation, now, not as a bother, not as a curse, but as a blessing, as a gift, as an experience, as a lesson worth learning.”