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June 5, 2022



      Your life, upon the Earth, is not meant to be walked, in a rut, a straight line, from beginning, to the time, when you are being called Home.  Your life is filled with experience, and this experience, comes from, actually living through, or walking through, each experience, which comes to you, during your life upon the Earth.  Wherever you are, right now, today, whether the time is filled with laughter, or quiet, or tears, or longing, begin to see, what is with thee, as the valuable experience, you are meant to live, to know.  It has come to you for a reason, no matter what the situation might be.  Look at it, this way.  Understand it, this way.  Rise above the petty feelings of lashing out in anger, or hurt, because something has befallen you.  It is your experience.  Take it to heart.  Go, within.  Ask, for guidance.  And soon, you will find, you have walked, through the experience, and now, it has turned into something holy, and divine, that with each day, beyond it, you realize the value of it, because now you know something, you did not know, before that particular experience.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are in the midst, of an experience, a situation, which is yours, be mindful of your response, to this experience.  Alter your words, your deeds.  Correct them, in such a way, that you do not lash out at others: if you are functioning with dismay; or, that you include all others, if you are dancing, delighting in the flowers, singing of the songs, the warmth of the sun, on your face.  Value each experience, and live through it: showing honor, respect, including all, who need to be included in your experience, if it joyful; quietly blessing, all who are taking part in something that might be challenging.  If the situation calls for an apology, let there come, from your heart and lips, an apology.  If the situation calls for forgiveness, let forgiveness come from your heart, give immediately.  If there is a song to sing, let it be sung.  If there is a bell to ring, let it be rung.  If there is forgiveness, let it be done, without hesitation.