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June 6, 2022


      When you create something, with love, you hold it, and you mold it, and you watch it grow, until it reaches fruition.  It is your creation, and it holds your love.  No one else can know how you feel about your creation, because it is your love that is held within that creation.  You are connected, with your creation, and there is love.  I created the Earth.  I held it, and molded it, and watched it grow, and reach fruition.  And it is filled with My love, because it is My creation, created in My love.  No one can understand the love I have for Earth, because it is My creation.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       God created you, using His love, and you were held, and molded, and God has watched you grow, and awaits fruition.  You are God’s creation.  You come forth from God’s love.  No one else can understand how much God loves you, that is communion between the two of you.  You, God, creation, love.


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