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May 31, 2022



      Be still when you are worried, or greatly concerned, about something, anything.  Resist, the temptation, to go from this, person, to that, person, asking what you should do, in this situation; for, I AM telling you.  Be still.  And in the stillness, you will begin to know, because I will not leave you, wandering in shadow, and darkness, lost in what is happening, in your world.  If you listen, as you are still, you will feel, the answers, flowing into you.  You might not hear My voice.  It might come as a knowing, or a feeling.  It is possible for you to even breathe in the aroma, of the answer.  However, your body is able, to accept My communication, and communion, with you, is how it will work.  And once you know, once you hold, the answer, within you, continue to be still, and quiet, resting in My love for you, before you rise-up, and know you have been born anew, rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to do that which you are guided to do. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Truth is, within The Ways of God.  And when you know, The Ways of God, you know truth.