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June 11, 2023



      “I AM with you.  I call to you from within, and when you are still and quiet, you can feel the stirring, and hear the tender whisper.  I AM calling to you, now.  Do you hear Me?  As I call from within, I also call from within nature all around thee, for we are One.                                


      “You are upon the Earth!  That is cause for celebration, no matter what your situation might be.  There is hope, with the song of the bird.  There is promise, with the rising of the sun.  There is love, with The Wind which moves, through the trees.  You are upon the Earth.  Rejoice!

      “When it is time to make the journey Home, you will remember the hope, held in the song of the bird, the promise, held in the rising of the sun, the love, held within The Wind.

      “These things I also carry with Me.  Memories of Earth are held within My spirit and soul.  These earthly treasures are My contribution to The One.  Now, is with you, and it is time for you to gather golden memories.  For, they will be your contribution to The One: tender sun rises; crimson golden sunsets; songs of the birds; leaves of autumn, blazing and brilliant; with so much more.  Just look around you.  These natural wonders sing the praise of God in a stunning way.  Without words they sing.  Without legs they move.  Without paints or pencils, they color the landscape.  It is God’s creation being, doing what comes naturally.  You are God’s creation, be, and do what comes naturally, today.”