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June 21, 2022


Your tendency is to put too much importance in numbers. The number of things that you own. How much money you have in your bank account. How much time is left in your day or your life. How many people came to an event. How many sales you made. Numbers drive you. But I say to you today quality is more important than quantity. Do not neglect the one while you search for the many. The one in front of you is the one that needs your attention. The one in front of you is the important one today. Do not dismiss the one because you are bound up in numbers seeking quantity. I desire for you to serve the one, for you to notice the one—the one that is in front of you, the one that is in your path, the one that is on your mind. That is the one I wish for you to love today.

And the Holy Spirit says:

Do not get lost in the numbers for your Heavenly Father gives you that which you need. He provides you with the time, with the money, with the resources. Focus instead on the one or the two or the three that you have. When you do this and do it well, then you will be blessed with more.