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June 20, 2022


When you spend your time in the world of man, it is easy for you to become disconnected from me, your source. When you spend your time inside the buildings and the vehicles that man has built, you lose touch with nature, my creation. When you spend your time looking at screens and videos that man has created, you forget to spend time looking at me. Take some time to venture outdoors. Walk today into creation, my creation. For it is in my creation that you become connected with me, the source of all creation. Walk outside. Look up at the sky. See the trees. Feel the sun and the wind. Notice the plants and the insects. For when you look at creation, you are beholding a piece of me. When you feel the sun and the wind, you are feeling my touch, for I am in all these things. I have created all things and it is in me that they exist. Walk today in nature and experience my presence with you.

And the Holy Spirit says:

The world of man draws you into its web. Be careful that it does not keep you from the creation of God, your maker. Be careful that it does not keep you cut off from God. For God is your source. He is the source of all life. Connect with him today and experience life.