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June 26, 2022


Walk into this day being consciously aware that I AM with you. For I AM with you. I am always with you. I have told you, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So, wherever you go, I AM with you. You cannot go someplace where I am not. For I AM with you, and my presence is everywhere. So, today, know that you have a companion who is going with you. Whether you are walking, whether you are driving, whether you are sitting or flying, wherever you are, I AM with you. You are not alone. I accompany you.

And the Holy Spirit says:

When you feel lonely, when you feel all alone, talk to me. Talk to me for I AM with you and I am listening. You are not alone. We can have a relationship that is just as rich and deep and fulfilling as when you sit with a friend. Come and sit with me today. Feel my presence. Hear my voice. And know that you are not alone.