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June 27, 2022


I wish for you to know me. Many of you know of me. You do not know me. You know of me much the same way that you know of a famous person. For a famous person is talked about and studied and followed. You know of them, but you do not know them—for you observe them from a distance. The same is true when it comes to me. Many of you know of me. You have heard of me; you have studied me, and you have read about me. But you have not taken the time to know me. When you truly know someone, you know their preferences, their likes and their dislikes. You know, often, what they are feeling and thinking in any given situation. You are intimately acquainted with them. This is what I desire for you. To know me, not just know of me.

And the Holy Spirit says:

To know someone, you must spend time with them, and you must interact with them. The same is true for God. To know him, you must spend time with him, and you must interact with him. It is a relationship. It grows over time as all relationships do when they are cultivated. I invite you to start today. Come. Sit down, and talk with me. Then rise up and be conscious of the fact that I accompany you throughout your day, and that you can talk with me about everything you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing throughout your day. When you do this, our relationship will grow, and you will truly know God.