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March 1, 2023


      Can you imagine what you will say, when you stand with Me, once you return fully to spirit?  Whatever you are imagining, say it, now.  Forego the idea that you are not with Me, in the present piece of eternity, in which you reside.  The only difference is you are wearing a cloak of flesh, wrapped around your spirit.  Once there is transition, you will be wholly spirit.  That is, it!  Our connection is as close, now, as it is forever, eternally.  As you stand, in the present, even temporary human, you are still spirit.  The cloak of flesh does not deny the spirit that is the eternal you.  So, speak, in spirit, and I shall hear thee.  Speak, and My love will enfold thee.  You need not wait, until the temporary passage over the Earth is complete.  Speak, and speak, to Me, now.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not delay the experience, which can be yours, right now.  Open your heart, and open your spirit, to all that is, with you.  For, God is, with you, now, and forever, eternally.