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February 28, 2023



      Even when you feel lost and alone, you are not alone, for I AM with thee.  My Holy Spirit dwells, within you.  Heaven is with thee.  So, whenever you feel lost, stop.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Be not anxious, nor afraid.  Call My name.  Whisper My name.  And in the calling, in the whispering, you will feel My presence, with thee, and find peace.  For, when you realize that you carry Heaven, with thee, that My Spirit is, within thee, and My hand is, over thee, you will understand that you cannot be lost, for The Sacred One is with thee.  The realization will resurrect the knowing, and in the knowing you will remember Me, and all The Gifts you carry, within thee.  You will see yourself, as My child, running through the garden of Earth, afraid of nothing, for you will know I AM with you now, and all through eternity.  And this, shall bring you peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Let us go out into the garden of Earth, today, and see The Glory of God all around, and rejoice in the seeing of it.  Rejoice for all creation, for all creation comes from The Source of creation, which is God.  You come from God.  You are of God.  Therefore, fear not.  Walk, in the garden, knowing The Creator of all that is, is with you.  You do not walk alone.  And, you cannot be lost, when in The Company of Heaven.