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March 2, 2023


      Give Me your hand, for I will hold it tenderly, closely, close enough to feel your heartbeat, in the veins.  Give Me your heart, for I will gently bring comfort to replace every pain held there, and you will feel it.  You will feel as injuries and hurts of the past leave your heart, removed by My love for you.  You will remember, but the memories will be the song of wisdom, and you will smile.  Give Me your thoughts, for I will guide them to the light of truth.  And in the light of truth the gift of knowing will inundate your thoughts, bringing them to complete peace.  Give Me your lips, for I will touch them with the song of love, and you will rejoice.  Give Me your feet, for I will guide them, along The Way, so you might walk a path that is of love, and service to your brothers and sisters.  So, give Me your hands, for them I will bless, so that nothing but good is created and nurtured by them, and that all goodness comes from them, and that they wipe the brow of the downtrodden, with tenderness and mercy.  Give me your all, for I have already given My all to thee.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is no need to labor, to strive, to suffer, just release.  Let all things slip from thee, and be, at peace, in the lap, of God.