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March 10, 2022


      I have given you, that which you need.  But when you are ready to rise-up, to know Me, in a more powerful way, then, as I send you My love, embrace it, and be aware of it, and allow it to enfold the love, that is within you, so that they are as one.  I send you, My power.  Embrace the power.  Allow it to enfold the power, that is within you, until they become, as one.  I send you, My strength.  Allow it to enfold the strength, that is within you, until they are as one.  Become an active participant, in the receiving, and the giving.  As your strength meets Mine, as your power meets Mine, as your love meets Mine, they flow, together.  They cannot be stopped.  What we do, in this action, this communication, is to create, a new energy, of Me, of you, an energy that the Earth has not known, because it is new.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Each hour, each minute, of every day, presents the opportunity for you to open to The Ways of God.  And with each time, you open, and receive the message, and feel it grow, within you, you are changed.  These energies, which are exchanged, create a new energy.  Ponder this, so you might understand, the mystery of it, so you might be, in an “awared” state, the co-creator of it, the new energy, of God, and you.