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March 9, 2022


      That, which I have given, to you, cannot be taken away, from you.  Look, and see, and know, all that I have created, which is around you, close to you.  Look, and see, and create, memories, of the beauty, of creation, Mother Earth.  Look, and see, these memories: of trees, budding, ready for spring, and new life; of flowers, pushing up through the soil, toward the sun; of spring rains, and sunshine, and birds, and all the insects, and the worms, and the things, that live, beneath the Earth.  Think of them.  See the richness; for, My son, My daughter, you are living in a castle.  Do not be unaware, of the richness, of your life.  Do not place great value on that, which can be taken from you.  See the treasure, around you; and as you begin, to see it, you will remember, deeper than before, who you are, our connection, and your connection, with the treasure that is set before you.  You are the treasure.  And the treasure does not have to purchase other treasure, to have a measure, of wealth.  You are the treasure.  Treat yourself as such.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The sun shines upon you.  The rain falls upon you.  The Wind moves around you, and enfolds you, in its love.