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March 8, 2022



      I see you crawling, and give you My hand, and lift you up, so you might stand, with Me.  I hear you crying, and give you My love, and enfold you, in this energy; and in the caress, you are held, by Me.  I see, when you are angry.  I see, when you are courageous, and bold.  I see, when you are kind, and compassionate.  I see, and I know, and I love.  There is no need to hide, anything, from Me.  In truth, it cannot be hidden, from Me; for you are part, of the creation, the great river of eternity, and I see, its flow, and I know, each of you, every part of you; and I love, each of you, every part of you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you are searching, to be loved, seeking, someone, who will stand by your side, and love you, you already have that, which you are seeking.  The most important thing, that you can do, the first thing, that would be good, to do, is to seek, that relationship, with God, first.  And once you know, this divine love, then, you are ready for your partner, or a dear friend, or a family member, who will love you, and you will return, in kind, their love.  When you know, the love of God, first, then, you are able to love, another, in the best way possible.  It is not meant to be the other way around.  Perfect the art of loving, with The Perfection of Love, that is God.