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March 11, 2022



      Do not lose heart.  Do not be afraid, when turmoil, and chaos, and confusion reign.  For, from the fury, of the storm, will come the peace, of The Dove.  Stand still, be quiet, and be wrapped, in My love.  And as you are so wrapped, any fear will melt from you, because fear does not exist in love.  So, breathe-in deeply, know My love is, within you.  With intention, let it grow, within you, and exhale, from your body, with intention, the power, of My love.  Be still.  Be quiet.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When fear, and anguish, roam the halls, and the storm, of chaos, and confusion, rattles the walls, there is the temptation to run, to cry, to hide, to be in fear.  But it is, in such times, that it is important to remember, to go inside, go within, go to the chamber, where I have always been waiting for you; and we will ride-out the storms, together, you and I.