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March 13, 2022



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you as you set the course for this new day.  I will walk with you, along the course you set, for this new day.  And as we walk, together, the course, of the day, will become sacred, in every way, not just because I AM with you, but because we are together, in a sacred way.  Come, let us set the course, together, and go on our way.

“The experience of life, upon Earth, can be challenging, but it also can be rewarding.  It is possible, for you to walk, through the veil, of sorrow, into joy.  It is possible, for you to walk, through the veil, of anger, into kindness.  It is possible, for you to walk, through the veil, of hate, into the realm of love.

      “See the world around you, and understand, that the challenges, and the obstacles, placed before you, are veils, sometimes lies, hiding the truth.  But to move through the temptations, the lies, the chaos, and confusion, these veils present, and get to the other side, you must be willing, to take the step, to do so.  Do not permit yourself to be locked in fear, or worry, or anxiety, when the veils seem all around you.

      “If the veil is there, this veil of anger, it is yours to pull down, to walk through, to make it to the other side, no matter what you do.  Once you have made it through, that temptation, that was enshrouding you, you will find the truth, the truth of The Light of God, in an atmosphere, and an environment, which you have chosen, which will be of peace.  There will be comfort, as a reward, for the choice, you made, and the action you took.  There is always an option.  When you are faced with fear, and this veil, of fear, seems to cloak you, and hide you, and hold you, in place, you also have been given, The Wisdom and The Grace of God, to cut through the veil, and free yourself, and know The Light, and know The Truth, and know The Way.  Do not sit victim, to that challenge, that seems to be plaguing you, when the success, and the reward, is there for you, in the choosing.  Reject shadow, and darkness.  Cast it out, without hesitation, and take The Light, that is yours. 

      “Do not be tricked, by the whispers, and the words, of the darkness.  And they will come to you, saying such things as, ‘There is nothing you can do, now.’  ‘What you have done holds no way out, for you.’  ‘This fear will always be with you.’  When you listen to these words, you are not listening to The Words of God, you are listening to the tongues of temptation, into shadow, and darkness.  The Light is with you.  Choose The Light.  Walk through the veil, and sit in peace, and joy, all through the day, and all through the night.  It is yours, to choose.  Do not loose this right, which has been given to you, by God.  It is your choice.  Choose The Light.”