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March 13, 2022



      I understand the difficulty, in taking to heart, and moving into action, when you hear, the words, saying, that the things, of the world, are an illusion, passing, transient, temporary, and the unseen is eternal.  Your reluctance to walk, fully, and completely, into this concept, is based: in the teachings, of the world, created by man; and the, almost unshakable, thoughts, and sometimes belief, that what is happening to you, in the present time, is the most important thing, that is happening, to you, in the present time.  Begin to see this, from a different perspective.  Use, the wisdom of the unseen, to blend, what is happening, to you, at the present time, into the eternal reality, of the eternal present piece of eternity, that is with you, now.  For that is how it is meant to be, for you to use, the wisdom of eternity, functioning with what is happening, to you, now.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You have heard it said, so many times, that the spirit is willing, but the body (flesh) is weak.  And however, that concept, has been delivered, to you, perhaps using different words, it is true.  Somewhere within you, the desire, to do that, which you are meant to do, is emboldened.  The fire is lit, and you are ready to take that step, knowing: that you can fly; that you can see the unseen; that you can know The Ways of God.  But, in an instant, you are snapped back, because of the ingrained teachings, of the world, created by man.  You are noble beings, ye sons, and daughters, of God.  For, you are upon the Earth, and the Earth can be difficult to trod, if you do not remember who you are, and the power that is, within you.  Rise-up.  It is time for the possible to ascend, above the impossible.  And this will happen, when you are willing, to do so.