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March 14, 2022



      Sometimes, the burdens, you carry, weigh heavily, upon your shoulders, weigh heavily, upon your heart; and it is in these times, when you are weary, and sick of heart, I want you to sit with Me; and I will talk to thee, and I will lift the burdens, from your shoulders, and touch your weeping heart, and you will be healed; and you will rise-up, refreshed, and ready to walk, into the world, again.  My son, My daughter, I have always been waiting to remove the burden, and the weight, so that you might begin again.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Oh, let this be the day that you sit, and talk, and pray, and allow God to lift the burden, and the weight, from your shoulders, from your heart.  Once this is done, you will rise-up, singing.  Do not wait another day.  Do not wait another hour.  Sit, and talk with God, and feel the burden melt away.