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March 15, 2022




      The waters, of Earth, will sometimes ebb, and sometimes flow.  The streams, and rivers, and creeks, and springs, will be full, then empty, and, at times, be low.  There are massive bodies of water, upon the Earth, which supply you drink, and quench your thirst.  But know this and take it to your heart.  The river, which flows, from Me to you, will be constant, everlasting, and true.  You will not thirst.  Your spirit, your soul, will be sustained, by the ever-flowing water, quenched, in The River, of My Love, for you.  That, which is of the world, is temporary, and transitory.  That, which is of The Kingdom of God, is eternal, deep, rich, and full. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The rivers, and the streams, and the reservoirs, of Earth, can be full.  But there can also be times, when water is scarce, and the Earth is parched, and you thirst for that, which you must have, to live.  The River of God is eternal, sustaining eternal life.  The rivers of the world are temporary, sustaining the temporary physical body. This is true. Your body drinks from the rivers of Earth.  Your spirit, your soul, drinks from The River of God.  One is temporary.  One is eternal.  Drink from the rivers of Earth to sustain your life upon Earth.  Drink from The River of God, which holds, within it, eternal life.