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March 16, 2023



      Be bold in the celebration of all of the aspects of who you are.  Refuse to hide, bring them out, and you decide, which aspect you will use, for each situation, that comes to you.  For, The Holy Spirit that dwells, within you, has given you the gifts, to use, for every occasion, every encounter.  And this is true.  Allow all that is you to be present in the world, so you might do what you are intended to do.  Let the vibration of the power, and the energy, that is you, move out, from you, caressing, all those around you with love, and peace, and courage, and strength, and confidence.  Resist the temptation to correct, or chide others, but humbly abide, within The Holy Spirit, dwelling, within you.  For, when you carry wisdom, as your lamp, there is no need to call-out, to convince, to cajole.  No, all you need do, is humbly abide within My Spirit, which lives within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Come, come with Me, and let us walk into this day.  It is glorious day.  All days are glorious, because it is your opportunity to bring The Light of God, wherever you go.  So, I will whisper, and you will hear.  And you will lift-up your lantern, so that with My Wisdom, all will be clear.  And clarity will be the sign that you are walking The Path Divine.