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March 17, 2023



      Before anything was created, I knew you, as I know you, now.  And in the conception, of a thought, The Word was born.  And I spoke, bringing to life, the thought, and sparking the creation.  As I thought, I spoke, and all things came into creation, including you.  And My creation continues, through you, in what you think, and say, and do.  Now, if you did hear My words, that I thought, and spoke, and it was created, be still, and know this.  With reverence, know this.  As you think, and speak, it is created.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Master your thoughts.  There is not thought, that pops into your head, which you cannot either bless, and allow to flow from you, or cast from you.  You choose your thoughts.  Not one person, walking upon the Earth, can make you think, other than what you choose to think.  You are the master of your thought.  You are the master of your words.  You are the master of your deeds.  You are the master of all you create.