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March 18, 2023



      Do not deny The Voice, calling to you, from within.  Do not fear to follow.  When you begin the journey, within, into all that is, there will come a time of surrender.  You will feel your physical body resist, the inclination to elevation.  Breathe deeply, and continue, for you are at the chamber door.  Open the door and enter the sanctuary of your soul, and there you will find Me, waiting for thee.  And even in the reaching of this ecstasy, there is more.  For, we will speak, and the new energy, we create, will enfold the words we say, to be held forever, within thee.  Leaving this tender space is not easy.  But the entering becomes easier and easier, as the entering becomes a gentle waltz, into My arms, no longer fearing release and surrender, eager to be in communion with Me, now, and into eternity.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Once you feel The Presence of God, with you, you know no fear.  Anxiety falls from you: as you eagerly pursue The One, The Source of All Life, your Eternal Parent, The Creator of All Things; as you pursue The Touch of God.