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March 19, 2023



      “I AM with you.  Be still and feel My presence.  It is slight, tender, gentle, touching you, from within; yet, the vibration, of the experience, moves over your skin.  And the chills, of the encounter, are real.  Feel My presence.             


      “As I walked upon the Earth, thousands of years ago: I experienced Earth; I experienced the body human; I experienced food, and drink, and dance, and laughter, and joy, and pain, and rejection; I experienced all you experience, and perhaps more, God experiencing human encounters.  And, without the incarnation, there is no way to know.  To know you must experience.  And therefore, God took on the flesh, and had the experience, through Me.  And you do the same.  You are spirit.  But, wrapped in a body of flesh, you are having a human experience, one that will live, within the energy of your eternal spirit, your soul, forever.  Be mindful of the experiences you choose.  And if you happen to lose your way, and experience something you wish could have been otherwise, look at the experience.  Do not back away.  Look at the experience.  Bless it for coming to you.  Bless it for happening.  And then dissect it, and take it apart, blessing and releasing all that is not going to serve you in eternity, and hold close the pearl, the gem of the lesson, which has a name.  It is called wisdom. 

      “Do not turn your face from anything that has happened to you.  But make it your work to take all, that has happened to you, and extract the wisdom, blessing the rest, and releasing it, returning it to neutral energy.  It is yours, to do, because it came to you.  It is yours to do because the energy is yours.  Make of it that which you wish to see, forever. 

      “I AM sure you cannot fathom eternity, in all its ramifications.  You cannot fathom eternal life, yet you are living an eternal life.  So, the best way to live your eternal life is to live it, experience it.  It is yours, and it is just as valuable as all the other experiences happening around you, because it is yours.  And because it is yours, treat it with respect, and reverence, and gratitude, and thanksgiving for the experience, and for the wisdom to know, what to do, with each and every experience, which comes to you.  You are eternal.  You go on forever.  Check that which you carry, forever.  Look at it.  None of it is material.  All of it is spiritual, and valuable, and yours.”