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March 19, 2023



      From the beginning of the human experience, upon the Earth, there came the quest to reach into the sky, and beyond the stars.  And it did not take very long for the humans to be traveling amongst the stars, into space, seeking to solve the mystery, seeking answers to the questions.  Some mysteries are solved.  Some questions have been answered.  But you will never reach the end.  You can go as far as you can go, and you will not find the end, because it does not end.  The space, in which you are traveling, and seeking, does not have an end.  It goes on forever.  And it is the same when you travel within your sacred self.  You are missing this adventure.  And it is all, within you.  It is all, within you.  You can walk all the corridors of your inner sanctum.  You can knock on every door of the chambers, waiting there.  But those of you who go, and explore, and know, there is no end to that, which you find, there, within your sacred self. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The invitation has been issued.  The Whisper is echoing.  The stirring is compelling.  Rise-up and enter.  Do not fear the crossing, from your physical body, to that, which is within you, the spirit realm, where you find eternity, and All That Is.  The Wisdom of God is waiting for you.  Begin.