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March 20, 2023


      There is no pain I cannot soothe, and wipe away.  There is no hate I cannot wash, and cleanse into love.  There is no hunger I cannot sate.  There is no thirst I cannot abate.  Come, just as you are, weeping, or angry, hungry, or thirsty.  Come, and sit, and we will talk, and we will pray.  Together we will pray.  And in our sweet communion you will come to understand that praying is communicating, listing your petitions asking for help.  Know this, I already know that, which you seek.  I already know the help you need.  The answer does not rest in giving you that, which you think you need.  The answer is not held within sending the type of help you think you need.  That which you need is a heart at peace, knowing you have all you need, within you.  The answers are within, where My Holy Spirit dwells.  I have already sent you help, assistance, counsel.  The Advocate is, within you.  Go within, and begin, the holy conversation, with The Holy Spirit, dwelling in your being, within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Come.  I AM here waiting, and you do not have to journey far, or seek in other places.  Come.  I AM waiting, within.