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March 21, 2023

      I give you My hand.  Will you take it?  I give you My word.  Will you hear it?  I give you the sick, the alone, the outcast, the rejected.  Will you embrace them?  I feed your spirit, so that it will rise-up, within you.  And as your spirit rises, your body will follow: and you will take My hand; and you will hear My words; and you will be My presence for all those in need.  For, I AM calling you.  Will you come?  Will you answer, today?

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Every day, God is calling.  Every day, you have the opportunity, to rise-up, and say, “Here I am.”  Turn your head, from the ways of the world, and lift-up your arms to be bathed in The Light of God.  And a garment will be slipped over your head, falling to your shoulders.  And it will be gown of radiance, which you wear, as you walk, upon the Earth.  Many will not notice your radiance.  But those, who have answered the call, will look, and see, and recognize God, within thee.