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March 22, 2023


Your journey upon the Earth will not always be easy.  There might, come to you, times of difficulty, and challenge.  But those times, of difficulty, and challenge, are not impossible.  They are opportunities, to strengthen, your spiritual muscle, to show what you know, and to gain from it, greatly.  You have seen those, who face challenge, who bend their heads, and backs, and lower themselves, to the ground, sometimes to cry, and weep, and wreathe around, saying, proclaiming, “It is not fair, this has come to me.  I cannot do it.”  And you have also seen those, who face difficulties, and challenge, rise-up, in the face of it, appearing taller than they did before, because their head is lifting them up, pulling them, into the sky.  And My light is falling, upon them, and bathing them.  And they begin to see, and know the reason, why their strength lies in the difficulty, in the challenge.  And they meet it, with faith, and courage, and strength, and they walk out, the other side, examples of how anything can be faced, when faced in My Light, and bathed in My Love.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you desire, your physical body, to be strong, and healthy, you tend it.  You work it, sometimes rigorously, and you bend it into shape.  You exercise.  You eat the right foods.  You get the proper amount of sleep.  You are working on creating a strong, vibrant, healthy physical body.  Strengthen your spiritual body, in the same way.  Do not avoid, or run away, from the very opportunities to give you the chance to build your spiritual muscle.  It is one thing to know something.  It is another thing to practice it.  And it is another thing to master it.  And while you are doing this, you are showing others that they too can face challenges, seeing them as opportunities, and grow in strength, and courage, and faith.  Rise-up, the day is here.  Exercise your spiritual body, and it will be clear, to you, and others that, those difficulties, those challenges, are opportunities, to grow.