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March 3, 2022



      A mystery is something you cannot see, you cannot know.  It is a puzzle, which must be solved.  And once solved, you know the answer to the mystery.  And once solved, knowing the answer, you wonder why it ever was a mystery, at all.  My son, My daughter, it is the same.  What you believe to be a mystery is unseen, only until you piece together those sections, of the puzzle, until you sit, quietly, and hear, explanations for the mystery, until you look, beyond the limitation, of your sight, and see, what is revealed, to thee, because you were seeking.  And that which you seek, you find.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      That which you cannot see, or that which cannot be explained, through the process, used by mankind, can be seen, and explained, by using the process, of the divine.  And the divine is the practice of being still, and quiet, seeking answers, which evade most people.  And these answers only seem evasive, because most people do not take the time, to find the answers, in the divine environment, of silence, prayer, quiet.  When you seek the answers, when you seek to see, that which is unseen, you will see, that which is unseen.  For, it has been said, for those who seek, they find.