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March 4, 2022



      There are so many mysteries you do not understand.  And as I have told you before, the mysteries can be solved, when you take My, and hear My words.  For, I will lead you, from doubt, and confusion, and chaos, into the knowing of how it all really works.  Today, you can take one step, into the knowing, by remembering, why you are upon Earth, at all.  And it is, a mission, something that you here to rise above, and be victorious.  These lessons, you are each learning, can be similar, or very different, from each other.  Yet, still, there is the lesson, and the practice, and the work, as you make your way, into the knowing.  What is it, within you, which puzzles you so, the character traits, the intrigue, the wonderment, these things you seem to repeat, over, and over, with the same outcome, playing, over, and over?  Take a step today, and begin to learn, in a scared way, these things you are meant to rise above, and be victorious.  And once you know, that, which you are to do, begin the work to move through, these things that hold you, in place.  Once you know them, rise, victorious.  Conquer that, which is holding you, so you might move into the realm, which you believe to be mysterious, at this time.  But the reality is, it is divine.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      If you have a habit, which you cannot seem to shake, a trait, which you feel would be better less performed, acted upon, begin to unwind the knots, of that presence, within you, today, one step at a time, until you have mastered those things, which hold you, in place, keep you from flying, from soaring.  As soon as you step, into the practice, as soon as you begin to learn, the lessons, you will be free of all that is holding thee, in place.  Then, you will step into the knowing.