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March 5, 2022



      Do not be so eager to walk the path, others say, is yours, to walk.  Do not be so eager to repeat the words, others say, you should say, others expect you to say, when you talk.  Do not be so eager to find fault, within others.  Do not be so eager to find fault, in yourself.  Do not waste this day in such a way.  Look at the day around you.  It does not matter whether it is raining, or sunny, or cloudy, or cold, or warm.  The day is yours to do with, whatever you choose to do.  So, why not make the best of that, which is given to you.  Seek the path, that is just right for you.  Choose the words, that bless others, through you.  Whatever, you do, do not find fault.  See the glory, in others, and you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are walking, upon the path, that is just right for you, and saying the words, which come naturally to you, and loving others, no matter what they choose to say, or do, you are living, a life, of freedom.  Each day comes to you, and you choose that which you will do.  Here is the day.  It is sacred.  It is also divine.  Rise-up, and walk into it, and you will find, that the day is a blessing, in every way.  Be at peace, with the day, and walk The Way.