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May 1, 2022



      “I AM with you.  Today, and all days, I will walk with you, wherever you go.  And when something is missing, we will talk, and you will know, what is missing, and why it is missing.  And if it is good, we will seek it, together.  If it is of darkness, and shadow, we will reject it, together.  I AM with you, to show you The Way.  Listen.  Let us walk into this new day, together, knowing The Way, to go. 

“When I walked, upon the Earth, thousands of years ago, there was something that brought Me great joy, the simplest of things, really.  Watching, as seeds took flight, in the arms of the wind, that flowers, having blossomed, and shown their beauty, would change, and the seeds, that would be another blossom, at another day, were picked-up, and gathered, by the wind, and taken away, to another place, another space.  You do not notice these things, unless you are willing to be still, and look, and watch, and wait.  Because, whether the seeds are carried by birds, or animals, or the wind, or even on the sole of your shoe, it takes them a while, to root, to sprout, to blossom, to bloom.  But they do, bringing new life, from a place, far away, from where they began, where they first blossomed. 

      “I saw it happen in rivers.  And I would watch, and smile, because most people believe that Earth is still, that a tree cannot move, that soil cannot move, that things are stationary.  And I tell you, they are all moving, spreading out all over.  But you cannot notice this, if you have your head down, too busy to look to your right, to your left, up, or down.

      “Pay attention to the magnificence, of the creation, that came from God.  And this, includes you.  When you sit, quietly, and you call for help, whether you say My name, or you are speaking to The Holy Spirit, or you say, ‘God, help me,’ the answers come.  And you, an aspect of you, takes flight.  And as the answers, fill you, with wisdom, you are moved to a new place, a place of higher understanding, a place of deeper faith, because you took the time to stop, and ask, and follow.  So, you are as the seeds, carried on The Wind.  You are as the seeds.  Do not turn your back on the possibility, that your life changes, and gets richer, and richer, in proportion to how you call for help, and embrace the answer, that comes from you, the answer, that comes from, within you, the answer, that comes from you, working with Me, with God, with The Holy Spirit, as we are one.”





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