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May 1, 2022


      The wind will rise-up, and carry, with it, seeds, seeds, which are beneath the trees, or still on the trees, or close to the garden.  They will rise-up, with the wind, and be carried, to another place, where life begins, again.  They are not limited to one space.  They are carried, on the wind.  And the birds, of the air, do the same thing.  They eat the seeds, or bits of fruit, or flowers, and they fly, with them, carrying them to places, they would not be, but for the bird.  And they are not limited to one space.  The river, carries soil, dirt, silt, from bank to bank, from place to place, and on it goes, moving.  That, which is carried, in the river, is not limited to one space.  It is moving.  So, life begins again, in another place, in another space.  You too, can be moved, by The Wind, riding upon The Wind, The Breath of The Holy Spirit, taking you to places, you would not see, but for The Spirit, that is within thee, lifting you up, and carrying you, showing you, something new.  You can hear the song of the bird, and it will take you to a place of peace, sweetness, and calm.  You can sit, by the river, put your feet, in the river, and feel the dirt, the soil, the stones, the rocks, that are moving, from one place to another.  And all these things, coming from another place, are touching your feet, and your legs, bringing you another story, showing you the glory, in all creation.  You are not limited to one space.  Open, to what The Holy Spirit tells you, and ride, The Wind.  Permit The Breath of The Holy Spirit to take you, and show you, and teach you, My Ways.  And all the days, of your journey, upon the Earth, I AM with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is important, every day, to mark some time, and be still, be quiet.  And as you sit, or walk, in quiet, you will hear, The Whisper, from within you, reminding you, teaching you, showing you, The Way.