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May 2, 2022


      Young mountains rise-up, and their peaks are tall.  As they grow older, they are small.  Thousands of years, of rain, and wind, leave their mark, on that which once stood tall.  And in wisdom, and years, and humility, they grew small.  There are times, in your life, when you stand tall.  As you age, you tend to grow small.  Your frame changes, because of all the years you have experienced in the rain, and the wind, through peace and war.  And this is how it has been, for all time.  Stand tall, when it is your season, to stand tall, and then wrap the robe of humility around you, as wisdom encircles, and flows, into you; and speak gently, as the change takes place, as evolution continues, within you, just as it does the mountains.  And the same applies, to the sands, of the desert, and the waters, of the great bodies, of oceans, and seas, that are scattered, upon the Earth.  Everything has a season, and a shape, and a sound, and a place.  And the place is altered, with the grace, of the rain, and the wind.  Take the season, that is yours, and live it.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is fun, to stand, at the edge, of the ocean, with your feet, in the sand, and your face, to the sun, watching the waves, crash upon the sand, delivering, seashells, from the bottom, of the sea, to the land.  Watch what is happening, upon the Earth, and grow, with it, because you too are changing, and have been changing, since your birth.  Let the years number, as you grow, in wisdom, depositing things, here and there, receiving things, here and there, walking in gentle rains, and storms, seeing the moon, and the sun, and more.  For all things, have a season, and so do you.  Enjoy the time, that is given, to you.