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May 10, 2023


No matter where you are, today, if you look, you will find a little seed.  And that seed holds promise of a new life, a life blossoming, and blooming, living.  My child, within each of you there is a seed.  That seed is of Me.  That seed is your promise of a new life, of eternal life.  Find the seed.  Go within.  Sit quietly, and begin to understand that, that seed was planted within you, before life began.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be kind and gentle to all you meet.  Each of you is carrying a seed, without which you would not be complete.  That seed is of The Kingdom of God, and it is within each of you.  Acknowledge that within each of you.  For, you cannot see the seed, within you, but it is possible to see the blossom, and bloom, of that seed, within thee, when you rise-up, and know, that the presence of God is, within thee, with thee, for all eternity.  Be still, and know, this.