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May 9, 2023



          Open your heart and give.  Allow love to flow, from you, without measuring it.  Just allow it to flow, from you.  As you breathe, give the gift of love.  There is no end to the love that is within you, because I AM within you, and I AM love.  You cannot deplete the resource of love.  Love is the energy of creation.  And as you love, you create.  You take that, which I give to you, and give, to others.  Give without expectation.  Do not withdraw your love.  If the gift of love is not embraced, give anyway.  Do not allow the ways of the world to harden your heart.  Do not deny your love, keeping it from some, while giving it to others.  Let it flow from you, freely, loving as I love you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           God does not have to try to love, because God is love.  God is within you.  Therefore, the purest form of love is within you.  And, if you acknowledge this, and give credence to it, you will then come to know, that the font of love is within you, too.  You can permit love to flow from you, freely, because you are taking that which God has given unto to you, and releasing it: without locking it up, within you; without denying love to some, and giving it to others.  God’s love is within you.  I AM within you.  The Kingdom of God is within you.  Therefore, let that which is within you flow from you, as God’s love flows to you, unending, never ceasing, comforting, nurturing, creating.