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May 8, 2023



          Do not permit the energy of anger to ensnare you, drawing the cord tighter, and tighter still, until there is no will, to escape, content to languish there.  We will unwrap the cords of frustration, and dismay, as we talk.  So, come and sit with Me, and you will see how easily they begin to loosen, and then, slip from thee.  This will happen as we look, and see, the situation which stirred anger, within thee.  Within the looking, and seeing, the song of forgiveness will begin.  And as we sit, the notes of forgiveness will rise to a crescendo, touching all remaining anger.  And we will watch the incineration of that which plagued thee, resting in the knowing that it was your forgiveness which rescued thee.  Come, sit with Me, and we will begin the litany of forgiveness, together.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Once you are tangled in the web of anger, it is not easy to disengage, and free yourself, especially if you are content to blame others, for your situation.  Each twist and turn, each declaration of fault, and guilt, will imprison thee.  Be still, be quiet, and come to Me.  As we sit, you will see, and the situation will begin to hold clarity, as truth is revealed to thee.  Forgiveness is the key which will set you free.  So, come and sit with Me.