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May 7, 2023



          Pay attention.  Heed My call.  Feel My presence, for I AM with you.  Where are you going?  There is no need to run, or hurry.  Whatever you are doing, stop.  Stop, and create the energy of compassion and kindness, as it will assist you in all you do.  Believe in the truth, which comes from within you.  What others say, or do, has only to do with them.  It has nothing to do with you.  Your counsel waits within you.  Your comfort waits within you.  Your advocate waits within you.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Breathe-in deeply.  Exhale slowly, and begin the journey, within.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           At first it will be difficult to release what you have been taught, to embrace that which I will teach thee.  But that which I will teach thee stems from the root of the truth and the wisdom of God.  Sometimes it will not mesh well with the teachings of Earth, but it will always bring you peace because it is of The Divine.