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May 7, 2023



      “I AM with you.  Here, take My hand.  It is just before you.  It is reaching out, from within you.  Hear Me.  My call is for you.  Recognize My voice, by remembering, we are one.                            


      “Time and tide wait for no man.  That is a saying you have heard often, and it is true.  From the source of creation, until now, everything is moving, growing, expanding, living.  Creation is life.  All that God created lives, and it live eternally.  God thought, and it was.  The thoughts of God live, and they live, within you.  This might seem a mystery to you, but it is not.  It is clear.  It is pure.  It is truth.

      “As you live in the world, you are shaped by the world.  Your worldly experiences are your teachers, and from them you learn how to respond, how to react in certain situations.  This is training, conditioning.  The world expects you to react, or act, as you have been trained, taught by experience.  But I AM asking you, today, to set all worldly experiences aside, and sit with Me, for a while.

      “The world teaches you to set boundaries, and not let those who have hurt you come close again.  I teach you to turn the other cheek, and love beyond injury, or the sting of insult.  The world teaches you to retaliate when there is conflict.  I teach you to be still, to be quiet, so conflict subsides, as the ocean ebbs, returning to the sea, before returning to the shore.  The world teaches you to hold onto what you have gained, so your lauder will be full, and your storehouse rich in abundance.  I teach you to give, and give, more than that which is asked of you.  The world teaches you, to hate those who differ from you, to stay, within your camp.  I teach you to love, even those who are considered, to be your enemies. 

      “These teachings and many more I left with you, but they are still mostly ignored, in humanity’s striving to gain more, and more.  The Wisdom of God is ultimate truth.  It does not blend well with the teachings of the world.  But that does not make it any less the truth.  To make sure that you know The Way, The Holy Spirit was sent unto you, to dwell within you, to be your Advocate, in all times, to be your Counselor in all times, to be your Comforter, in all times.  You have not been left alone to wander Earth.  I AM with you, and within you.  Eternity is within you.  Go within.