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May 6, 2023



          When you make the time to sit with Me, when you make the time to speak with Me, to listen, to hear, Me, you are creating an environment, within you, wherein you no longer permit fear to consume you.  It does not stop you.  It does not freeze you in place because you know a space, wherein we talk, wherein you grow, wherein you know I AM always with you.  As you move through the world, and busy yourself with chores, and tasks, business, friends, family, it is easy to forget you are a temple, wherein dwells eternity.  The reality is within.  The temporary, the fleeting, is what you see all around you.  That which you see around you, the body you touch, which is yours, and all you see around you, is temporary.  And it will fade away.  But the environment, in which you nurture the spirit that is you, is eternal.  And fear does not live within My light.  Every time you go within, you draw nearer, and begin to understand The Great Mystery of the landscape, within.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Use nature, as it exhibits, the reality of the power, and the life, within.  No matter how beautiful the flower, if the roots, the parts of the flower, held within the soil below, are not healthy, filled with nourishing minerals, drawing up the waters, which saturate the Earth, the flower will fade, and whither, and die.  That which you do not see, with the human eye, is more powerful than that which you see.  Your power, your strength, comes from within.  Do not ignore where the power lies.  It lies within you.  It is there.  It is time for you to plug-in to all that is available, and waiting, for you.  And then, the day will be one of glory.  It will be a day that tells the story of you, and how you went within, to find all you needed, to explore the wonders of Earth, all around you.  Go within.