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May 12, 2022

A knife that is used over and over again eventually becomes dull. In the same way, you can dull your senses. Constant use without taking time to rest and refresh and sharpen your senses causes them to become dull. When you are constantly listening, having something always on to listen to, eventually your listening becomes dull and you stop actually hearing what you are listening to. If you eat continually without a rest, eventually you stop tasting the food that you put in your mouth and it begins to taste like dust. If you constantly are looking and watching and taking in new sights, your eyes become weary and you do not see as clearly. This is an important lesson, for you need to use your senses to know me. Your senses must be sharp so that you can see my hand at work in your life, so that you can hear my voice directing you, cautioning you, and encouraging you. Take sometime today to rest and renew your body so that you can be alert and watchful and see and hear and feel my presence in your life.

And the Holy Spirit Says:

Fasting is a form of rest and renewal. When you intentionally choose not to engage in an activity or eat a food or watch or listen to something that is a regular part of your life, you are taking a fast. When you fast, your senses are renewed and your spirit is strengthened and sharpened. In this way, you remain alert, you remain attentive, you remain tuned in to that which you cannot see or hear with your physical body alone. For the work of God requires you to use both your physical and your spiritual to see and acknowledge and do. Ponder this today. For God wishes for you to experience more of him in your life.