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May 13, 2022

If you listen you will hear the song of the frog, the song of the insect, the song of the birds, the song of the grasses and the trees. For all creation sings a song. All creation sings a song of praise and thanksgiving to its Creator. It sings to me. I wish for you, also, to sing, to sing the song that I have given you—to sing it loud, and sing it strong, and sing it from your heart. For when you sing the song that I have given you, you, too, are singing to me. You, too, are singing a song of praise and thanks to your Creator. Sing. Sing what is in your heart today, for your song brings me great delight. 

And the Holy Spirit says: 

I give you a song. Even in your darkest hour, I give you a song. Even in your saddest moment, your most desperate time, I give you a song to sing. If you pay attention, you will hear it rising from within. When you sing this song and sing it out, you will feel hope renewed within your being. For the song comes from your Creator and it is given to you to sing so that you can be encouraged and receive endurance for your journey.