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May 19, 2022


      Not until you take yourself aside, sit quietly, and be still, can you feel, My Presence, with you, in a most profound way.  You can say, I AM, with you, in a busy city, with horns blowing, and people talking, doors slamming.  You can know, I AM, with you, any time, any place.  But when you have the desire to feel, My Presence, with you, it cannot be accomplished in chaos, and confusion, and noise.  If your desire is to draw closer, to Me, and feel, My Presence, with thee, you must find a place that is quiet.  You must guide yourself to be still.  You must be in silence.  And, when you have found that place, and when you have reached the state, of quiet, stillness, in silence, you will feel, My Presence, with you, and you will know, that which you did not know, before, because you will not be praying, using words, singing, you will be quiet, so I can fill you with My Wisdom.  And then, My Wisdom, and My Ways, shall be your Wisdom, and your Ways.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not hesitate, thinking it is selfish, to take time, alone, to be still, and quiet, so that you might know, The Presence of God, with you.  This knowing, will be the fuel, that compels you, to go into the world, a changed being, carrying, within you, the remembrance, of feeling, The Presence of God.