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May 4, 2022



      I wish for you to know The Way, and walk in it, so that you might come to know My Ways.  I wish for you to grow, in confidence; and you will grow, in confidence, when you know My Ways.  I wish for you to listen, when you pray, rather than calling out, and repeating, that, which you need, because in listening, rather than speaking, you hear, that which I AM saying to you.  You even hear that small whisper, from within, guiding you, along The Way.  I wish for you to resist, the temptation, of distraction, pulling you here, and there, off of the path, off of The Way.  I wish for you to know, that your life upon Earth has purpose, and it is great, this purpose.  To know the purpose, of your life, upon Earth, you must be quiet, and be still, and go within.  And there, you will see it, written by My hand, the unique purpose, that is you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Confidence is born, within the learning process, within the spiritual process, within the spiritual practice.  Confidence comes from knowing what to do, in a particular situation, without hesitation, because you have perfected, your spiritual practice; and, the spiritual practice begins, when you set yourself aside, and you are quiet, and still.  And in the silence, you will know, and confidence, will be your reward.