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May 6, 2022


      It is time to stop, using the excuse, saying, that you are only human.  Every time you say, that, you are only human: you are excusing yourself; you are closing the door, and locking it; you are avoiding the opportunity, to see miracles, all around you.  You are meant to live a miraculous life, upon Earth.  But, within the denial, of saying, that, you are only human: you forego, the opportunity, to walk, within miracles; you are setting the stage, to experience, the mundane, rather than celebrate the divine.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Today, when you are faced, with a challenge, do not say it, do not even think it, the “it” being, that you are only human.  If it comes to you, if it is placed in front of you, if it is following behind you, and all around you, embrace the opportunity, reject the mundane.  Prepare for divine revelation, the spiritual experience of life, upon Earth.  You are spirit first, and your spirit is wrapped, in a body, of Earth.  But spirit animates the body, of Earth.  So, go first to the spirit, and let all things come from the spirit; and, use your physical body, to do what is necessary, in the world created by man, to bring forth the spirit, that commands you to live, a miraculous life, so that you experience Earth, in divine light.