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May 7, 2022



      Comprehending eternal life, can be confusing, for you, now, in the present piece of eternity, you are experiencing, because you have created time.  You count the hours.  You count the years.  You mark the centuries.  You cross off the days, on the calendar.  This, somehow, brings order, to your life, upon Earth, you believe.  You know that there is a finite number, of days, you will live, upon the Earth.  But there are infinite, unending, eternal, perspectives, that can be difficult for you to grasp, when you are so used to counting, marking, watching, time.  When you close your eyes, literally, to pray, and you begin to pray, sometimes you will experience, in that state, no time.  You slip into an eternal understanding, that your body might fail, but you will live, eternally, a being of infinity, without boundaries, without restraints.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       One of the important side effects: is the way, deep prayer, silence, quiet, impacts you; is that for a brief time, you have, an understanding, of no time.  You slip into that place, of eternity: especially, when you close your eyes, to the world, and go deep, into your relationship, with God; especially, if you have taken yourself, to a quiet place, with no disturbance; especially, when you are breathing, slowly, and deeply, and you feel the air about you change.  Especially, in these times, you have an encounter with no time, eternity, infinity.  Set some time aside, to go into this realm, of no time, and you will be richly rewarded.