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November 23, 2021



      That which you seek, you will find.  If you are seeking an excuse, or blame, that is what you will find,  You will find a reason to blame another.  You will find an excuse for behavior.  But if you are seeking truth, that is what you will find.  In solitude, and quiet, the truth will fill you, and this blessing will be divine, because you will know, and you will grow, within the truth.  Seek the truth, first.  Embrace the truth you receive, and rise-up, and proceed, with your life, knowing the truth, not seeking to blame, not seeking excuses, but using the truth as the blessing it is, to bring you peace, and happiness, again.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is true.  That which you seek, you will find.  When you seek the truth, you know.  And this knowing continues growing until you are walking The Way, with no reason to excuse, no reason to point the blame, because the truth will guide you, in every way.  Seek the truth, and that is what you will find.