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November 26, 2021



      At the present moment, you cannot see mountains rise-up from the bottom of the ocean, to stand, peaks to the sky, then crumble.  You cannot see great rivers, creating canyons.  You cannot see lands, which were once connected, separate, and reform a new topography.  There is so much you cannot see, yet you believe from what you have read, studied, and been told.  You cannot see the change, because it took thousands of years to transpire; and once it does, change still continues.  Nothing is dormant.  It is all alive.  That which you cannot see, I see.  I see it, as a living tapestry, each needle inserted, each thread pulled through, forming what is, from that which was.  It is a continuation of creation.  And it is the same with that which you create in your thought.  Your thoughts create, they live   Your words, and deeds, solidify your creation.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Just as Earth changes, continuing God’s creation, that, which you create, through thought, words, and deeds, changes too.  Even the darkest thoughts, when held in The Light, can be altered, and changed, into a lesson of great value.  You are the master of that, which you create.  As the creator you see, and know, and have the power, to change what you create, in such a way, that negative can become positive.  You are part of the continuation of creation.  All you create is part of the continuation.  Your thoughts are the needle, your words and deeds are the thread.  You can pick the colors, the stitch, and as you do The Living Tapestry tells your story, as it is woven into the fiber of eternity.